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Saturday the 25th saw a team of 8 turn out for a 0645 start.

The weather was as predicted; cloudy at first with little wind giving way to clear skies and a breeze around 1030.

64 birds processed in total with 58 new;  21 Meadow pipit, 21 Goldcrest, 7 Long-tailed tit, 5 Lesser Redpoll (first of the autumn) 2 Wren and singles of Blue tit, Coal tit, Reed Bunting and Jay. We’re still waiting for the larger flocks of Redpoll to arrive and hopefully we’ll see some Redwing & Fieldfare too, apparently there are already c1 million Redwing in the country!

We left site about 1230.

No bird pictures from the session but here’s one of a very nice egg & bacon sandwich I had on the way home, purchased from a nice little cafe I spotted last time.

2014-10-25 12.59.18


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It’s my favorite time of the year on the Common, the autumnal colours are stunning, especially at sun rise on a clear and crisp autumn morning.

We start to visit the Common more regularly in the autumn after all the CES’ have finished for the season, we do visit during the summer but that’s mostly in the evenings when we are trying to catch Nightjar.

Thursday 24th October.

A clear chilly morning; a rather large team of 13 ringers turning out. There was a little concern that there might not be enough birds caught to satisfy such a large team but our fears were laid to rest within a few minutes of set-up with Redpoll leading the way. It turned out to be very productive morning  with a total of 110 birds processed.

Species                        new    r/t    total
Meadow pipit                25      2       27
Wren                             1                 1
Dartford warbler            5                 5
Blue tit                          1                 1
Greenfinch                  14                14
Goldfinch                       1                 1
Common redpoll            4                 4
Lesser redpoll             48        1      49
Reed bunting               5         1       6
Common Redpoll

Common Redpoll

Saturday 2nd November.

Clear skies early on but the wind picked up around 10am which caused an early set-down. This session proved to be a little less productive than the previous with only 16 birds in total processed, I did however get to ring my first Dartford Warbler, the last bird of the day to be caught, which was fantastic.

Species                     new    r/t    total            
Meadow pipit               2       1      3
Dartford warbler          1               1
Goldcrest                     1               1
Long-tailed tit              3       2      5
Coal tit                        1               1
Blue tit                        3              3
Lesser redpoll              1              1 
Reed bunting              1              1
Dartford Warbler

Dartford Warbler

Dartford Warbler

Dartford Warbler

Saturday 16th November.
Another crisp morning and another army of ringers, 14 in total. 
Species                     new     r/t   total            
Meadow pipit               1       1      2
Wren                          2               2
Robin                          2               2
Dartford warbler         2      1       3
Goldcrest                    1              1
Long-tailed tit            3       2      5
Coal tit                               1       1
Blue tit                     1                1
Lesser redpol          27      2     29
Common redpoll        2              2
Reed bunting            3              3

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..this weekend for 3 days ringing.

Fellow ringer, friend and current warden at LBO had invited me down a while back but work and other ringing related commitments had stopped me from visiting sooner, as it turned out this was to my benefit.

Friday morning saw us unfurling most of the nets just before sunrise, we left a few of the more exposed nets closed due to the wind.

There were plenty of birds on site and plenty passing by, the ringing amounted to 20 birds of which I processed 19.

  • Blackbird x 5
  • Song Thrush x 5
  • Robin x 4
  • Redwing x 2
  • Chaffinch x 1
  • Goldcrest x 1
  • Coal tit x 1

Coal tit (Continental)

Saturday turned out to be a cracking day with over 100 birds ringed and plenty passing by. Gavin had his best day since taking over as warden and a record number of Lesser Redpoll ringed, the previous record of 44 surpassed by 22!

My processed list for the day-

  • Wren x 2
  • Robin x 1
  • Lesser Redpoll x 23
  • Chaffinch x 6
  • Blackcap x 1
  • Grey Wagtail x 2 (new species)
  • Dunnock x 1
  • Blue tit x 2
  • Goldfinch x 1
  • Greenfinch x 1
  • Song Thrush x 1

Grey Wagtail


Sunday was another nice day with a total of 37 birds ringed.

My processed list for the day-

  • Blackcap x 1
  • Blackbird x 2
  • Wren x 1
  • Lesser Redpoll x 11
  • Meadow Pipit x 1
  • Song Thrush x 3
  • Goldcrest x 3
  • Chiffchaff x 4
  • Chaffinch x 3
  • Robin x 1
  • Greenfinch x 1

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A later start time for Saturday mornings session with a 0700hrs met, unfortunately I didn’t have my sat-nav with me and having only been to this location a couple of times previously, both times arriving in the dark, I missed a turning (probably due to the heavy fog I encountered) and ended up getting a little lost! I did manage to get on the right track quite quickly and arrived only 7 minutes late. The others had already set off on the 1km hike to the site.

We where 6 strong  with 2 trainers, 3 trainees  and a ‘helper’, you are classed as a helper for your first few sessions, this allows time to see if you are compatible with ringing and the ringing group are compatible with you!

We set-up, which is quite taxing as the ground in places is a boggy substrate, you can suddenly find yourself knee-high in acidic brown water!

Our catching expectations where low because this time of year the bird numbers can be quite low as it turned out though it was quite the opposite with well over 100 birds processed. I personally had a great session registering 3 new species and processing  a total of 30 birds in all.

  1. Chiff (Chiffchaff) x 1
  2. Bluti (Blue tit) x 2
  3. Goldc (Goldcrest) x 7
  4. Coati (Coal tit) x 1 species first
  5. Lotti (Long-tailed Tit) x 2
  6. Lesre (Lesser Redpoll) x15
  7. Wren x 1 species first
  8. Siski (Siskin) x 1 species first

The 3 species first this week now takes my total species list to 40, I’m sure the next 40 will take a tadge longer!

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…and the sun was shining bright so I took the opportunity to do a bird count over on the farm,  plenty of different birds spotted in a four hour period, a large flock of pigeon (c500) and Carrion Crow (c200)  where devouring the seed in 3 of the freshly planted fields, I spotted 4 Buzzards circling above them I guess looking for a quick pigeon snack!

 A lot of the birds have now paired up and a fair few where either in courtship like this female Wren I captured postering for a mate or in the process of building nests.

Also captured what now seems like the obligatory Robin shot!

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