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…on the 17th April. A clear bright morning with a light WNW breeze.

A modest 31 birds processed with a 14/17 new/retrap split and a good number of species caught including:

  • 8 Blackcap
  • 2 Willow warbler
  • 1  Whitethroat
  • 1 Lesser Whitethroat
  • 1 Sedge warbler
  • 1 Chiffchaff
  • 3 Song thrush
  • 6 Dunnock
  • 5 Long-tailed tit
  • 2 Robin
  • 1 Blue tit


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Firstly, CES 2 went ahead, an overcast day saw a team of 9 assemble at the usual meeting place at 0545hrs.

I was not fully fit for this session and was unable to help out with setting up, so while the rest of the team got stuck in I was left minding the camp, not being the ‘sitting around watching others work’ type this proved to be very frustrating and quite tedious. There was a positive side however, I was able to ring more birds!

It proved to be a good day on the bird front with an above average long-term mean 94 processed, 45 new and 49 re-traps (last years same day total was 53).

I processed a total of 22

Blabi (Blackbird) 1
Blaca (Blackcap) 2
Chiff (Chiffchaff) 3
Dunno (Dunnock) 1
Garwa (Garden Warbler) 2
Leswh (Lesser Whitethroat) 1
Robin 1
Sedwa (Sedge Warbler) 2
White (Whitethroat) 6
Wilwa (Willow Warbler) 3

So to the second part of the day.

After a lovely pub lunch we headed off to Woolley Firs Farm (via my trainers house) to check on the bird boxes with the hope of ringing some pulli (chicks before they leave the nest). we surveyed all the boxes and ended up ringing just a few that were ready, back mid-week to do more.

I eventually arrived home at 1915hrs…completely knackered, having had a great day.

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at Wraysbury on Saturday.

0620 was the meet time this week and 7 of us arrived on site with grey cloud over head. The team this week consisted of 2 trainers and 5 trainees.

Another chance to evaluate our new ride positions before we decide on this years final CES layout, we have a couple of weeks before the CES starts so we will continue to monitor the numbers.

Most of my effort this week was focused on extractions and I only managed to process 4 birds-

  1. Lotti (Long tailed tit) x 2
  2. Blabi (Blackbird) x 1
  3. Wilwa (Willow warbler) x 1

It stayed dull all morning and tried to rain late on without much success, a slight drizzle for 5 minutes!  We set down about 1330 and left site soon after. A swift pint and a bowl of chips at the local pub before heading for home.



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…was the penultimate CES of the year, only 7 ringers turned out for this session, the usual 3 trainers, a C ringer and 3 trainee’s. The weather was good with plenty of cloud cover and a light breeze, we set-up the usual CES nets along with a treble line, a double line and a single to catch Kingfishers (which we didn’t!). A total of 70 birds were ringed of which I did 24.

  1. White (Whitethroat) x7
  2. Blaca (Blackcap) x5
  3. Chiff (Chiffchaff) x6
  4. Robin x2
  5. Sparr (Sparrowhawk) x1
  6. Linne (Linnet) x1
  7. Wilwa (Willow Warbler) x1
  8. Blackbird (Blabi) x1 

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…day! CES 9 took place today, the usual meet in the car park saw 9 ringers assemble for what turned out to be the best CES day of the year so far.

Lovely sunny start to the day with cloudless skies until 1100hrs, and then only a few clouds gathered, very warm and very pleasant indeed.

Bird wise for me, 23 birds ringed, 2 species firsts and 2 extractions.

The firsts for me were a Linne (Linnet) and a Reewa (Reed Warbler) and the rest:-

  1. White (Whitethroat) x8
  2. Bluti (Blue tit) x1
  3. Wilwa (Willow Warbler) x4
  4. Garwa (Garden Warbler) x2
  5. Blaca (Blackcap) x4
  6. Robin x1
  7. Grswo (Great Spotted Woodpecker) x1

 I did managed to get this shot of the Linnet I ringed.


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