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Saturday the 25th saw a team of 8 turn out for a 0645 start.

The weather was as predicted; cloudy at first with little wind giving way to clear skies and a breeze around 1030.

64 birds processed in total with 58 new;  21 Meadow pipit, 21 Goldcrest, 7 Long-tailed tit, 5 Lesser Redpoll (first of the autumn) 2 Wren and singles of Blue tit, Coal tit, Reed Bunting and Jay. We’re still waiting for the larger flocks of Redpoll to arrive and hopefully we’ll see some Redwing & Fieldfare too, apparently there are already c1 million Redwing in the country!

We left site about 1230.

No bird pictures from the session but here’s one of a very nice egg & bacon sandwich I had on the way home, purchased from a nice little cafe I spotted last time.

2014-10-25 12.59.18


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…weekend ringing! Two trips, the CES for Saturday was postponed until Monday because of bad weather (mostly to windy) so sundays trip to Windsor came first. A slightly earlier start this month to fully take advantage of the early sunrise (0530hr on site!) The bird counts are rising now as we get more and more fledglings, I was able to ring 9 birds:-

  1. Robin x 2 (species first for me)
  2. Blue tit
  3. Great tit x3 (species first for me)
  4. Blackcap (species first for me)
  5. Cettis Warbler (species first for me)
  6. Reed Bunting (species first for me)

On Monday we did the postponed CES, arriving on site at 0545hr, there was only 5 of  us (normally there’s at least 9) we set the nets up as usual and straight away the birds started to hit! I knew it was going to be a busy morning and sure enough it turned out that way with my ringing count hitting 17, this being the most I’ve done in a single session! Birds ringed:-

  1. Goldfinch x2 (species first for me)
  2. Bullfinch (species first for me)
  3. Blackcap x3
  4. Robin x2
  5. Greenfinch (species first for me)
  6. Great tit
  7. Whitethroat x5
  8. Garden Warbler x2 (specie firsts for me)
Looking forward to the next session!

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