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…courtesy of Sam, fellow RRG ringer.

Having neglected to pack my camera I was happy to see Sam had his. Thanks to Sam for the Photographs.

First image shows fresh waste on the site with plenty of gulls checking it out for food. Image two shows gulls having been netted, gulls are very rugged birds and are more than able to handle the net.

My first gull – Black Headed, I’m really very happy!

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…for an appointment with the ringers from the North Thames Gull Group (NTGG) and hoped for gulls.

The NTGG study gulls on landfill sites in and around Essex. See link for more information http://www.ntgg.org.uk/index.shtml

I arrived on site at the arranged 0700 with a little apprehension having not handled gulls before and met up with two other trainee ringers from the RRG.  We were given a run through of what would be happening and what we would be expected to do along with a few do’s and dont’s by the team leader Paul, health and safety was also explained due to fact there was some huge bulldozers and refuge trucks rolling about.

It was fascinating to see Cannon netting in action (go to the NTGG site for further info) and quite a different way of catching birds to what I’m used to, a tremendous amount of skill and patience is required to catch gulls safely baring in mind explosives are used to launch the nets. The team carried out two catches, the first catch total was 450 gulls and the second catch total was 244 gulls along with 42 Starling across both catches.

I was able to add 4 species to my species list yesterday, Black Headed gull, Herring gull, Lesser Black-backed gull and Greater Black-backed gull. It was difficult to keep track of the numbers ringed, I know I did one each Lbbgu (Lesser Black-backed) and Gbbgu (Greater Black-backed gull) c15 Hergu (Herring gull) and c25 Blhgu (Black Headed gull) along with 6 Starl (Starling). It took me a while to get used to the larger rings that the bigger gulls take and I had a couple of overlaps to begin with but managed to get the technique with help from the regular ringers.

I left site at 1450 arriving home at 1540 and headed straight for a bath!

I had a great day and learned loads, a big thanks to Paul and his team and I hope to do it again in the future.


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