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…down on the farm.

The sights, sounds and smells of spring where truly in the air today over on the farm, the farmer has already planted barley in some of the fields and spread tons of muck ready for ploughing in the rest, there was certainly a farmy smell on the breeze!

The first signs of spring were apparent with Hazel catkins abundant, the first shoots of Bluebells pushing through, buds a plenty on the trees and bushes and the sounds of bird song filling the air.

There was plenty of wildlife about, rabbits could be seen feeding on the grassy margins, a fox looking on with anticipation and I caught a fleeting glimpse of a deer on the edge of the wood.

The birds were all very active too, many have already paired up and were busily collecting materials to build nests, I saw many species with nest materials in their bills flying to and from their nest sites. I could also hear woodpeckers drilling, Skylarks singing overhead with Pheasant and Buzzard calling in the distance.

Langley Bottom Farm

Long Tailed Tit

Long Tailed Tit

Kestrel (long distance shot)

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…a Goldfinch and a Hazel Catkin.

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…had a dental appointment this afternoon so I was able to get out over the farmland for a couple of hours before it got dark. The wildlife is certainly coming to life again now spring is nearly upon us, a variety of birds spotted, I was treated to a  male Song Thrush vocalising his full repetoire of songs trying to attract a mate, a couple of Skylarks in a courtship flight and a variety of other birds that seem to have already paired up. Also spotted a flock of about 70 Redwings  pearched in a couple of trees, the Redwing is part of the Thrush family and another winter visitor but rarely breeds in the UK. The rabbits are also starting to show and the flora is breaking out with buds and catkins on the trees and bushes!

Looking forward to spring even more now!!!

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