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…yesterday on what could be the last CES of the year, we have the option to do another session next Saturday as CES 12 falls over to weekends. This may well be the case because yesterdays numbers where well down on the yearly averages.

A nice cloudless sunrise and early morning with some cloud starting to arrive around 10:30 we had a couple of showers from 11:00 but nothing to stop us ringing.

7 ringers turned out with 2 trainers and 5 trainee’s. My ringed list for the day:-

  1. White (Whitethroat) x3
  2. Blaca (Blackcap) x4
  3. Chiff (Chiffchaff) x2
  4. Garwa (Garden Warbler) x1
  5. Bullf (Bullfinch) x1

The winter migration is now on and picking up speed as the birds that winter in Africa are on the move, the birds are showing fat on their bodies now which they need to sustain their long  journeys south. Hopefully we can re-trap the juveniles hatched and ringed this year when they return next year, well that’s the plan! 



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…’busiest’ session turned out to be the opposite this week, we did have less nets set-up as there was only 7 of us, 3 trainers and 4 trainees but the bird numbers where still very disappointing.

I felt somewhat tired when I arrive on site this morning, I think it was because for the first time in a couple of months it was dark when I got up.

The weather was very pleasant and we encounter no issues setting up.

So the birds, well I had a double first today! I was able to ring a juvenile male Sparrowhawk which was not only the first Sparrowhawk I’ve done, it was the first raptor that I’ve done, so a wide smile of satisfaction has been plastered across my face most of the day! other birds I ringed today

  1. White (Whitethroat) x2
  2. Bluti (Blue tit) x1
  3. Blaca (Blackcap) x3
  4. Chiff (Chiffchaff) x4
  5. Dunno (Dunnock) x1
  6. Garwa (Garden Warbler) x2
  7. Sedwa (Sedge Warbler) x1
  8. Bullf (Bullfinch) x1

My totals now stand at 138 birds ringed, 27 species.

Photographs of the Sparrowhawk to be added at a later date.

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…weekend ringing! Two trips, the CES for Saturday was postponed until Monday because of bad weather (mostly to windy) so sundays trip to Windsor came first. A slightly earlier start this month to fully take advantage of the early sunrise (0530hr on site!) The bird counts are rising now as we get more and more fledglings, I was able to ring 9 birds:-

  1. Robin x 2 (species first for me)
  2. Blue tit
  3. Great tit x3 (species first for me)
  4. Blackcap (species first for me)
  5. Cettis Warbler (species first for me)
  6. Reed Bunting (species first for me)

On Monday we did the postponed CES, arriving on site at 0545hr, there was only 5 of  us (normally there’s at least 9) we set the nets up as usual and straight away the birds started to hit! I knew it was going to be a busy morning and sure enough it turned out that way with my ringing count hitting 17, this being the most I’ve done in a single session! Birds ringed:-

  1. Goldfinch x2 (species first for me)
  2. Bullfinch (species first for me)
  3. Blackcap x3
  4. Robin x2
  5. Greenfinch (species first for me)
  6. Great tit
  7. Whitethroat x5
  8. Garden Warbler x2 (specie firsts for me)
Looking forward to the next session!

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