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The first CES of the season was carried out on Saturday 7th May by CHR, KDT, PMW, SR,SM & HD. A calm, dry day with broken cloud cover.

A very busy morning with 75  birds processed from the CES nets and a further 8 from an additional non CES net.


CES 02, was carried out on Sunday 15th May by KDT, PMW & SM. Light winds and scattered cloud cover made for a very pleasant morning.

A steady flow of birds kept the team busy for the majority of the morning, with a variety of warbler species and plenty of thrushes processed. A total of 51 birds processed with a 23/28 new/retrap split.

Highlights of the session; a male and female Bullfinch and 2 juvenile Robins, our first youngsters of the CES season.


CES 03, with the weather looking unsettled towards the end of the CES period it was decided to take advantage of the low wind speeds forecast for Thursday 28th May rather than chance the weekend weather changing for the worse. A team of 4, AVK, KDT, PMW & EW made it out.

Quite a chill in the air first thing with a light NNE breeze and not really warming up until 10am, overcast early on clearing to scattered cloud mid morning.

A 21/14 new/retrap split for the session, highlight of the day, a new 4F Kingfisher.

4F Kingfisher

4F Kingfisher

Saturday 28th May, back to Wraysbury but a different area for a non CES session, another team of 4, CHR, KDT, SR & KF in attendance, Carl wanted to see what we might catch with an earlier start, so all but myself (blah) arrived on site for 04:00, I turned up at 05:30 to find the earlier start had netted 8 birds, it was quite cool early on so this may well have accounted for the lack of early movement.

A fairly quiet morning with a 10/12 new/retrap split. Highlight of the day was a Great tit with all the attributes one would expect to see in a male only for it to have female sex parts!

Other activities included tit box monitoring in the wood on the farm.


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