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Although I felt as rough as a badger’s… I still forced myself up and out and managed to get over to Woolley Firs on Saturday, the not-so-early start of 7am a welcome incentive.

Another two part day planned, ringing first thing if the weather permitted, followed by the final box checks before the breeding season really kicks on. A few boxes still needed a spring clean and a few more removals/relocations needed to be carried out.

The weather did it’s usual, with the possible predicted winds not arriving, but instead, a short period of rain, not predicted! This hampered us slightly with the nets furled for the duration, on the whole a productive morning with 47┬ábirds processed.

30 Blue tit, 8 Great tit, 4 Coal tit, and singles of Dunnock, Robin, Treecreeper, Chaffinch and Long-tailed tit.


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