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…so a visit to Woolley Firs yesterday was a much needed outing.

Just a small team of 3 Carl, Jason and myself turned out for this visit which ended up being split into 3 activities, firstly while the rain was still falling we did a recce for Yellowhammer over on the far edges of the farmland along the field margin, unfortunately we didn’t spot any however we did see a flock of Lapwing, Buzzard, Red Kite and Sparrowhawk all out looking for breakfast.

The rain subsided around 0930 so we turned our attentions to our second activity, netting back at the feeders near the main house. The bird activity was rather limited and we only caught 4 birds, the mild weather and empty bird feeders would have contributed to this. We packed the nets away at 1130

Activity 3 was the placement of more bird boxes, 2 boxes designed with Coal tit in mind placed just above the ground facing fir trees and with a top entrance, an open fronted box and 2 ‘tit’ boxes.

All in all a very enjoyable morning topped off with a pub lunch and a pint.


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…from the garden today.

Robin - Garden 02-12-12


Dunnock - Garden 02-12-12


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