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…weather wise at  Woolley Firs this morning.

A fresh cloudless sky throughout the session running from 0715 to 1200.

Just 3 of us for this session saw 27 birds processed in total with a 10/17  new/re-trap split. My totals :-

Bluti (Blue tit)         5
Coati (Coal tit)        3
Goldc (Goldcrest)  1
Greti (Great tit)      4

The Red Kite aerial display team didn’t show this week which was a shame as I had my camera all set up ready and waiting! Maybe next time.

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…over at Woolley Firs today.

A beautiful sunny day today with blue skies all morning although frosty first thing. The feeders had been topped up all week  by the staff on site and this seemed to have a positive effect on the number of birds in the area with a total of 78 birds caught and processed, a steady flow of birds throughout the session.

There was also the great spectacle of a family of 3 Red Kites flying over-head with some fantastic aerial maneuvers and a bombardment on our ringing position hitting our scribe and paperwork!

I had a personal best session with 56 bird processed including a new species, a female Nuthatch and 32 Blue tits!


Bluti (Blue tit) 32
Coati (Coal tit) 4
Dunno (Dunnock) 1
Goldc (Goldcrest) 5
Greti (Great tit) 12
Robin 1
Nutha (Nuthatch) 1

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