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…rained off.

So holiday snaps instead, mixed bag, wildlife first…

Barbary Ape Gibraltar

Barbary Ape Gibraltar

Collared Dove

A flower?

House Sparrow



Spanish Festoon

Yellow-legged Gull

Yellow-legged Gull

Yellow-legged Gull

Yellow-legged Gull

Caleta Hotel Gibraltar

Caleta Hotel Gibraltar

Europa Point Gibraltar

Europa Point Lighthouse Gibraltar

and 'The Rock'

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at Wraysbury on Saturday.

0620 was the meet time this week and 7 of us arrived on site with grey cloud over head. The team this week consisted of 2 trainers and 5 trainees.

Another chance to evaluate our new ride positions before we decide on this years final CES layout, we have a couple of weeks before the CES starts so we will continue to monitor the numbers.

Most of my effort this week was focused on extractions and I only managed to process 4 birds-

  1. Lotti (Long tailed tit) x 2
  2. Blabi (Blackbird) x 1
  3. Wilwa (Willow warbler) x 1

It stayed dull all morning and tried to rain late on without much success, a slight drizzle for 5 minutes!  We set down about 1330 and left site soon after. A swift pint and a bowl of chips at the local pub before heading for home.



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…on the farm.

With a new pair of binoculars hanging from my neck I was eager to get into the field and give them a go. I’d just stepped into the first field and was delighted to spot a Kestrel sitting in a tree scanning for a meal, I watched for a while enjoying the better quality of my new glass before going  for the camera for a shot, unfortunately the light was poor and I wasn’t able to get a shot worth posting.

I was out for about 4 hours and apart from the usual suspects and the Kestrel I spotted Skylarks, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Green Woodpecker, Little Owl (I spent a good hour watching a tree that’s had a Little Owl nest for the past 2 years and was pleased to spot this years possible incumbent) and watched briefly a courting pair of pheasant.

The only half decent shots I managed where of a Horse Chestnut budding.

Horse Chestnut

Horse Chestnut

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…on Sunday.

I was gardening today and this Robin was taking advantage of the plentiful supply of worms, grubs and spiders on offer.

Robin eating a spider

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…get two ringing sessions in over an extended weekend!

First session was at Woolley Firs on Friday, my trainer a C ringer and I  met at 0630. Another glorious cloudless spring morning greeted us, I’m certainly getting used to this unseasonably weather I guess it wont last though. We were targeting Skylarks so put up a couple of nets across a field where a couple of pairs had been spotted, we did put up another 60ft net close to a feeder hoping for tits and finches.

We did spot a pair of Skylarks in the field but some way away from our nets it was decided to move the net but frustratingly they still managed to avoid them! It was a slow morning (which is usual for this time of year) we did however catch a few birds in the other net, Blue tit, Great tit, Greenfinch and a Dunnock. We called it a day at 0900.

The second session took place at Wraysbury on Saturday, the forecasted cloud had turned up so the day started quite dull. We met at 0630 eager to test out the new ride created last weekend. 3 trainers and 6 trainees turned out for the session. We split into 3 groups and headed off to set up. A little more ‘gardening’ was required on the new ride but nowhere near as much as last week, thankfully!

The catch was varied with the usual suspects and I got to ring my first Warbler of the year, a Chiffchaff which is one f the earliest migrants to return to the UK. Another migrant was spotted, a Blackcap so hopefully we’ll be catching them next session.

I processed

  1. Chiff (Chiffchaff) x 4
  2. Greti (Great tit) x 1

There was quite a breeze for most of the morning and the temperature dropped markedly mid morning, these two factors probably contributed to a low catch.

We set down about 1300 and left site at 1330.

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