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…glorious warm cloudless day.

I left the house at 0600hr for a 0630 meet at Wraysbury, it was just getting light and by the time I hit the M25 a brilliant red sun was in full view just above the horizon making the run to site very enjoyable, just a shame I couldn’t stop for a photograph! There was a slight ground mist when I arrived but this was soon burnt away.

A team of 9 turned out for this session, 3 trainers, an ‘C’ and 5 trainee’s.

The intention for this visit was not only to ring birds but also to prepare for this years CES with a new proposed layout of rides,  the previous few years totals, the availability of ringers along with changing environment where taken into consideration. We ended up clearing the way for 3 new rides which took a good 5 hours of hard work.

The group processed about 25 birds throughout the morning with my contribution being one, a Bluti (Blue tit)  I was involved mostly with the ride management!

We left site about 1330hr pleased with our morning work.

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… the proposed seven visits this season.

The earliest start of the year so far with an 0600hrs meet saw 7 souls gather on a rather chilly morning, there was a slight frost on the ground and a low-lying mist. The mist lifted around 0800 and we had glorious clear sunny skies well into the morning when a few clouds did appear.

We set up a few nets in the wooded area and a few in the reed beds.

We also did some ride management and created an extra ride on the end of an existing 60/60. We have the potential for over 800ft of net but this is always dependent on the number of people on the day.

We only caught 9 birds, 5 new and 4 re-traps. I processed a Blabi (Blackbird).

We set down at 1100hrs and left the site at 1145hrs.

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…down on the farm.

The sights, sounds and smells of spring where truly in the air today over on the farm, the farmer has already planted barley in some of the fields and spread tons of muck ready for ploughing in the rest, there was certainly a farmy smell on the breeze!

The first signs of spring were apparent with Hazel catkins abundant, the first shoots of Bluebells pushing through, buds a plenty on the trees and bushes and the sounds of bird song filling the air.

There was plenty of wildlife about, rabbits could be seen feeding on the grassy margins, a fox looking on with anticipation and I caught a fleeting glimpse of a deer on the edge of the wood.

The birds were all very active too, many have already paired up and were busily collecting materials to build nests, I saw many species with nest materials in their bills flying to and from their nest sites. I could also hear woodpeckers drilling, Skylarks singing overhead with Pheasant and Buzzard calling in the distance.

Langley Bottom Farm

Long Tailed Tit

Long Tailed Tit

Kestrel (long distance shot)

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at Silwood Park.

The earliest start of the year so far saw us arriving on site at 0630hr (it only gets earlier from now on!) 10 ringers turned out for the session including 2 trainers, a C and 7 trainees. The weather was quite pleasant with a few sunny periods throughout the morning.

The catch was quite low due to all the feeders on site being empty so this had a big impact on the session.

I was able to process 4 birds,

  1. Bluti (Blue tit) x 3
  2. Siski (Siskin) x 1 species first

Siskin 5f

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Smiling frog

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…over at Woolley Firs.

Friday evening Gavin and I decided having looked at the weather forecast again to try to ring for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon. I arrived at Woolley Firs at 1330.

The weather stayed fine for most of the day with nice blue skies with the odd gust of wind. A shower hit mid afternoon but soon past.

There were plenty of birds around but unfortunately not many wanted to fly into our nets. We managed to catch 4 birds in total, 2 Blue tits, a Robin but the highlight was a Collared Dove, we saw 2 fly into the net but one bounced out, this was a first for Gavin and had we caught the second I would have had a first too!

We packed up at 1730 and I left shortly afterwards, a little sad as Gavin is now leaving for pastures new. A big thanks to Gav and good luck with the new job. Hope to ring with you again soon.

Processed by me

  1. Bluti (Blue tit) x 2
  2. Robin x 1

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