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…took place at Chobham Common on Saturday.

A chilly 0715 meet saw 7 souls turn out, 2 trainers an ‘A’ ringer and 4 trainees. The weather was dry, sunny and cold.

We’ve had to re-site many of the net rides due to the ongoing site management on Chobham Common and are still trying to find productive area’s. The total catch on Saturday was 4 birds, 2 Coal tits (1 new & 1 retrap) and 2 Goldcrest  (1 new & 1 retrap). I was able to process the retrap Coal tit. I was just happy to be out and involved.

Roll on next session!

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Goldfinch (left) Redpoll (middle & right)

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…of the year.

Having not had a bird in the hand for nearly 5 weeks it was great to get out to Wraysbury for our first session of 2012. A heavy frost overnight ment the ice scraper was called into action early Saturday morning before I could set off, the journey to site was uneventful and I arrived at 0715 along with about 14 others, quite a turn out to start the year. We quickly gathered all the equipment together split into two groups and set off to the areas the trainers had identified for the session.

My first process of the year turned out to be a Sonth (Song thrush) and my second a Greti (Great tit) my third…next time hopefully! It proved  a quiet session and considering the number of ringers not to many birds to go around. I was just pleased to get out and into the groove again.

We set down around 1115 and managed to leave site at 1200. The weather stayed cold and frosty throughout the morning with lovely sunny blue skies.

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First post of the year!

 A few photographs taken in the garden over the holiday period, the bird feeders have attracted the normal assortment of birds with a few new species spotted for the first time including Lesser Redpoll and Great Spotted Woodpecker.

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