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…on Saturday.

Having been unable to attend last weeks session due to illness I was really pleased we managed to get a session in this weekend. It was a lovely sunny crisp chilly morning on the common and a hardy 7 ringers assembled in the car park at 0700hrs.

We gathered our equipment and set off on the mile or so trek to base as we approached base I was surprised to see in the distance smoke rising in 2 or 3 place but soon realised why, the entire area had undergone some serious tree management piles of logs were all around and the smoke was from the dying embers of the burn-off.

We set up a few nets and waited for the flocks of Redpolls and Redwings to drop in… unfortunately this didn’t happen and we only caught 7 birds all session!

I processed 2 birds and extracted 1.

  1. Lesre (Lesser Redpoll) x1 (also extracted)
  2. Bluti (Blue Tit) x1

We decided to call it a day around 1115hr, packed up and headed off back to the car park. Even though we only caught 7 birds it was still great to get out and ring a couple.

Roll on next session!


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…due to the bad weather, then on Friday evening a glimmer of hope… a possible session on Sunday at Silwood Park, by Saturday morning this had turned into a definite ‘go’ and my spirit was lifted with the possibility of ringing a few birds especially has we didn’t get a session in last week. Over the next few hours I started to feel a little ‘bunged up’ I got a headache and felt quite rough, someone at work had been ill with these symptoms last weekend and I was beginning to fear the worst, I tried to work it off by raking leaves from the lawn and building a new feeding station in the garden but by 4pm I had to give in and sent an email saying ‘I wouldn’t be able to make the session’.

At least I get to watch the birds on the new feeder!

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