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…get to ring any birds on Saturday,  when we arrived on the Common at 0700hrs the wind was far too strong for mist nets so it was decided to go and recce another part of the Common for future sessions. We found some good locations but didn’t see many birds about!

I was home by 093o hrs so decided to go out over the farm for a walk and survey, although the sun was out and it was rather pleasant the wind also strong here and I think this contributed to a low bird count. I did see  a lone Fieldfare the first one I’ve seen on the farm this autumn.

  1. Woopi (Wood Pigeon) x c200
  2. Goldf (Goldfinch) x 12
  3. Lotti (Long Tailed Tit) x 10
  4. Rook x c250
  5. Magpi (Magpie) x 6
  6. Chaff (Chaffinch) x 2
  7. Grswo (Great Spotted Woodpecker) x 2
  8. Buzza (Buzzard) x 2
  9. Kestr (Kestrel) x 1
  10. Bluti (Blue Tit) x 3
  11. Greti (Great Tit) x 1
  12. Blabi (Blackbird) x 1
  13. Field (Fieldfare) x 1
  14. Pheas (Pheasant) x 4
  15. Skyla (Skylark) x c60
  16. Starl (Starling) c 7
  17. Nutha (Nuthatch) x 2
  18. Jay x 1
  19. Robin x 2



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…for me on Saturday with a visit to Silwood Park, a rural campus of Imperial College London, there are a number of the divisions of Faculty of Natural Sciences that have a presence on the campus.

I’m not exactly sure how many turned out for this session but there where plenty of hands! The weather was rather misty and didn’t clear until later on.  We set up nets in 4 locations across the 250 acre site having split up into 4 groups.

 I left early, around 11:45 and travelled up to see my parents so didn’t get to see the final numbers.

I processed 7 birds:-

  1. Bluti (Blue Tit) x 2
  2. Goldc (Goldcrest) x 3
  3. Goldf (Goldfinch) x 1
  4. Chaff (Chaffinch) x 1

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…over on the farm on sunday.

Pheasant - Langley Bottom Farm

I took advantage of the beautiful sunny day and went for a 3 hour wander, plenty of birds about including a couple of large flocks of Skylarks totalling c100, c80 Starlings, c250 Wood Pigeon and c200 Rooks. I also spotted my first Fieldfare this autumn but still no Redwings. Other birds spotted:-

  1. Magpie x 8
  2. Carrion Crow 6
  3. Pheasant x4
  4. Goldfinch x11
  5. Blue Tit x3
  6. Great Tit x2
  7. Chaffinch x2
  8. Ring Necked Parakeet x7
  9. Blackbird x7
  10. Song Thrush x6
  11. Robin x3
  12. Wren x2
  13. Buzzard x2

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… for a session.

12 of us turned out this weekend (probably the Dartford Warblers from last week!) 3 trainers, an ‘A’ ringer a ‘C’ ringer 6 trainee’s and an observer. Due to the high numbers it was decided to split into 2 groups, 1 group setting up at ‘Little Arm and Pools’ and the second group setting up at ‘Long Arm’.

The weather was overcast but mild with a low mist.

The bird count was quite low with only 47 birds processed (8 species) across both sites, no Darwa (Dartford Warbler) this week but we did catch a female Grswo (Great Spotted Woodpecker) and plenty of Reebu (Reed Buntings).

My list for the session:-

  1. Goldc (Goldcrest) x 2
  2. Lesre (Lesser Redpoll) x 4
  3. Reebu (Reed Bunting) x 3
  4. Wren x 1

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…on the Common.

We where able to start earlier this week thanks to british summertime ending last week. A 0630 meet in the car park saw 9 dedicated souls turn out, 3 trainers, a ‘c’ ringer, 2 trainees and 3 helpers.

The weather was misty and overcast early and stayed that way for most of the morning with the mist lifting mid morning.

We set-up plenty of nets with a mix of full height and single panels, the later targeting Dartford Warbler. The catch was 60% down on  last week but we still managed a respectable 39 birds with the stars of the day being 2 Darwa (Dartford Warblers) this was particularly pleasing as we didn’t catch a single one last winter. I was able to add this to my extractions list but not my ringed list!

Birds processed this session:-

  1. Goldc (Goldcrest) x 5
  2. Wren x 1
  3. Lesre (Lesser Redpoll) x 3
  4. Lotti (Long-tailed tit) x 2



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