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A later start time for Saturday mornings session with a 0700hrs met, unfortunately I didn’t have my sat-nav with me and having only been to this location a couple of times previously, both times arriving in the dark, I missed a turning (probably due to the heavy fog I encountered) and ended up getting a little lost! I did manage to get on the right track quite quickly and arrived only 7 minutes late. The others had already set off on the 1km hike to the site.

We where 6 strong  with 2 trainers, 3 trainees  and a ‘helper’, you are classed as a helper for your first few sessions, this allows time to see if you are compatible with ringing and the ringing group are compatible with you!

We set-up, which is quite taxing as the ground in places is a boggy substrate, you can suddenly find yourself knee-high in acidic brown water!

Our catching expectations where low because this time of year the bird numbers can be quite low as it turned out though it was quite the opposite with well over 100 birds processed. I personally had a great session registering 3 new species and processing  a total of 30 birds in all.

  1. Chiff (Chiffchaff) x 1
  2. Bluti (Blue tit) x 2
  3. Goldc (Goldcrest) x 7
  4. Coati (Coal tit) x 1 species first
  5. Lotti (Long-tailed Tit) x 2
  6. Lesre (Lesser Redpoll) x15
  7. Wren x 1 species first
  8. Siski (Siskin) x 1 species first

The 3 species first this week now takes my total species list to 40, I’m sure the next 40 will take a tadge longer!

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… last weekends ringing session I was eager for this weekend to go ahead, on Thursday it was looking unlikely due to the forecast of  strong southerly winds over the weekend, fortunately they held off and the session went ahead.

Eight of us rolled into the car park at 0645hrs, 2 trainers, a C ringer and 5 trainees. This week we set up on the CES area but not on the CES rides.

The  catch was quite low again but this is to be expected at this time of year. I processed 6 birds:-

  1. Bluti (Blue tit) x 1
  2. Treec (Treecreaper) x 1
  3. Robin x 2
  4. Sonth (Song Thrush) x 1
  5. Goldc (Goldcrest) x 1

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…catch up with.

Firstly Tuesday 4th turned out to be quite the opposite numbers wise to the previous Tuesday, only 35 birds caught (26 new and 9 retraps) I only managed to ring 9 of them! The low numbers are to be expected with the migration south of many of our summer visitors, this proved to be the case on Saturday when the numbers were even lower, 16 (12 new and 4 retraps) and my contribution being 4. There is however good news, the winter migrants have started to arrive on our shores with us ringing our first Redpoll of the Autumn.

My list for the 4th

  1. Meapi (Meadow Pipit) x 1
  2. Chiff (Chiffchaff) x 5
  3. Bluti (Blue Tit) x 3

And for the 8th

  1. Blaca (Blackcap) x 1
  2. Chiff (Chiffchaff) x1
  3. Meapi (Meadow Pipit) x 1
  4. Goldfi (Goldfinch) x 1

Roll on next session!

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