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…turned out to be a great morning.

265 new birds ringed and 25 processed made this session our highest total for this site in a single session this year! It was just aswell that 10 ringers turned out for this. The weather didn’t quite pan out as predicted and the sun didn’t really show until mid-morning which was a blessing in disguise, the cloudier weather probably contributed to the high catch.

 For me my highest session total so far with 44 birds ringed/processed with a new species first, a juvenile Magpie, the rest:-

  1. Blaca (Blackcap) x 11
  2. Bluti (Blue tit) x 2
  3. Chiff (Chiffchaff) x 15
  4. Dunno (Dunnock) x1
  5. Goldc (Goldcrest) x 1
  6. Goldf (Goldfinch) x1
  7. Greti (Great tit) x 2
  8. Lotti (Long-tailed Tit) x 1
  9. Magpi (Magpie) x 1 species first
  10. Meapi (Meadow pipit) x9

Over 400 birds ringed/processed now with 37 species!


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…started a little later this week, a 0615 met in the car park giving everybody an extra 15 minutes in bed!

The team consisted of 5 ‘A’ ringers, 3 of which being trainers, 2 trainee’s and 2 soon to be trainee’s. It was rather misty when we arrived and stayed that way until the sun finally burnt it off, this did have an effect on the birds initially so we had a slow start once we had set up but once the mist went the birds came out in numbers. There was a steady catch throughout the session and by the end we had ringed 0ver 100 birds, the highlight of the morning was a Nightingale http://www.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/birdguide/name/n/nightingale/index.aspx

The session produced 3 new species for me, a Goldcrest, Chaffinch and Treecreeper, my full list:

  1. Chiff (Chiffchaff) x 7
  2. Bluti (Blue Tit) x 2
  3. Blaca (Blackcap) x 6
  4. Jay x 1
  5. Goldc (Goldcrest) x 1 species first
  6. Dunno (Dunnock) x 1
  7. Chaff (Chaffinch) x1 species first
  8. Meapi (Meadow Pipit) x 2
  9. Greti (Great Tit) x 2
  10. Treec (Treecreeper) x1 species first
  11. Robin x 2
  12. Goldf (Goldfinch) x 2




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…session in six days on Tuesday morning, we have to take our opportunities when we can now that autumn is upon us and the weather as become unsettled or should I say more unsettled!

A team of 5 turned out for this session plus 2 newcomers along for a first look. I was somewhat spoilt with 3 of the team being trainers with about 300 years experience between them! The weather was quite breezy with a slight chill at times and there was a threat of rain in the air for large parts of the morning however it did stay away.

The weather probably did play apart in the catch count and we only managed about 60 or so birds the highlight being another juvenile male Sparrowhawk, the fourth one in as many weeks. The most common this session was the lovely little Chiffchaff  we did spot a large flock of Goldfinch but unfortunately they avoided our nets which was a shame.

13 birds ringed myself with another half-dozen or so extractions.

  1. Chiff (Chiffchaff) x 8
  2. Bluti (Blue tit) x 2
  3. Reewa (Reed Warbler) x 1
  4. Robin x 1
  5. Swall (Swallow) x 1

The photographs below are the above mentioned Sparrowhawk and a Little Owl from last Thursdays session.

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…last session to be held at my favorite location until next year (hopefully). We went with a little trepidation due to the predicted rain but fortunately this didn’t materialise and it turned out to be quite a pleasant day if not a little chilly early on. A team of 7 ringers turned out for this session. We split up into 3 teams to set the nets up and set to it. The water was rather cold out in the reed beds and can be a tadge smelly too!

I’m getting more involved in the extractions now and my confidence is slowly growing, it’s certainly reassuring knowing that the trainers are on hand to help out when things get a little tricky.

So to my birds ringed:-

  1. Reewa (Reed Warbler) x1
  2. Bluti (Blue tit) x4
  3. Dunno (Dunnock) x1
  4. Cetwa (Cettis Warbler) x1
  5. Lotti (Long-tailed Tit) x1 species first
  6. Chiff (Chiffchaff) x5
  7. Watra (Water Rail) x1 species first

56 birds ring with 5 species firsts…what a suberb week!


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…Thursdays session at Stanwell Moor. Only my second visit to this site yielded my highest and most varied count for any session anywhere 42 birds processed, 39 new and 3 -re-traps.

  1. Sonth (Song Thrush) x1
  2. Blaca (Blackcap) x3
  3. Reewa (Reed Warbler) x2
  4. Robin x3
  5. Reebu (Reed Bunting) x1
  6. Kingf (Kingfisher) x1 – species first for me, processed only
  7. Meapi (Meadow Pipit) x16 – species first for me
  8. Woodp (Woodpigeon) x1 – species first for me
  9. Linne (Linnet) x2
  10. Greti (Great tit) x1
  11. Dunno (Dunnock) x5
  12. Bluti (Blue tit) x6


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…of the month!

I missed the last ringing post from Saturday 3rd, our last CES session of the year due to lack of information. It was so busy I didn’t have time to note down what birds I was ringing so now have to wait for the main data system to be updated.

There was no ringing done last weekend due to the weather, however we did get out for a session yesterday morning however the same thing happened and I was unable to keep track of what I was ringing. I will update all my birds ringed for these 2 sessions when I get access to the data.

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