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…weekend ringing! Two trips, the CES for Saturday was postponed until Monday because of bad weather (mostly to windy) so sundays trip to Windsor came first. A slightly earlier start this month to fully take advantage of the early sunrise (0530hr on site!) The bird counts are rising now as we get more and more fledglings, I was able to ring 9 birds:-

  1. Robin x 2 (species first for me)
  2. Blue tit
  3. Great tit x3 (species first for me)
  4. Blackcap (species first for me)
  5. Cettis Warbler (species first for me)
  6. Reed Bunting (species first for me)

On Monday we did the postponed CES, arriving on site at 0545hr, there was only 5 of  us (normally there’s at least 9) we set the nets up as usual and straight away the birds started to hit! I knew it was going to be a busy morning and sure enough it turned out that way with my ringing count hitting 17, this being the most I’ve done in a single session! Birds ringed:-

  1. Goldfinch x2 (species first for me)
  2. Bullfinch (species first for me)
  3. Blackcap x3
  4. Robin x2
  5. Greenfinch (species first for me)
  6. Great tit
  7. Whitethroat x5
  8. Garden Warbler x2 (specie firsts for me)
Looking forward to the next session!

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…so far, a Little Owl nestling perched just above the nest hole. I’ve spent a total of 14 hours trying to get a shot of the Little Owl adults over the past few weeks and this evening I went one better and got the nestling. I also saw the adult fly by with a vole grasped tightly in its talons on its way to feed its young. I did get a couple of shots off but they turned out blurred!

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…of the old quarry machinery.

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…photographs from yesterday.

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…ringing session today and having been unable to attend last weeks session I was looking at two weeks without birds in the hand! however  I was  invited to another location close to the CES site by another ringer with a 1600 hrs start, so off I went.

It turned out to be a great day for me and I was able to ring Starlings, Blackcaps, Swallows and a House Martin although I did need help with this bird as it had no neck and was quite small. All but the Blackcap are firsts!

We didn’t leave the site until 2230 hrs as we where trying to catch Sand Martins as they came into roost (and they do this late!)  we didn’t catch any but did have one bounce out of the net!

I got a couple of photographs of the swallows but the quality is rubbish so I won’t be posting.

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…on a glorious sunny evening in the English countryside.

Barley field Langley Bottom Farm

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…on the farm yesterday evening, I counted at least 20 kittens, I also spotted a Buzzard eyeing them up!

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