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…weather wise, especially Saturday which was a blue sky all day! I decided Friday evening having seen the weather forecast to have an early start Saturday morning and head of to Frensham Little Pond to do some bird photography, the ‘early start’ didn’t happen (stayed up late watching Red nose prog!) so left at 9am instead of the planned 6:30am.

Arrived on site at 10am and was immediatly struck by how much more beautiful the Little Pond is compared with the Great Pond and the Great Pond is really nice, I took a couple of Landscapes

As for the birds, on the water I spotted the expected Mallards, Swans and Coots along with 3 Great Crested Grebes of which 2 where engaging in their amazing courtship, a Cormorant sitting patiently on a post (I assume looking for a meal) and a few Black Headed gulls.

Cormorant - Frensham Little Pond 19-03-11

 In the surrounding area of woods and heathland I spotted Blue, Great, Long Tailed and Coal tits a couple of Buzzards circling over head and a first for me since rediscovering my birding hobby a male & female Siskin (the Siskin is a part of the finch family) so all in all a great day spotting! I will definately being going back.

Siskin - Frensham Little Pond 19-03-11

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…the Vernal Equinox (1st day of Spring) 20th Mar 2011 @ 23:21:01. Yay!


Vernal Eqiunox


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…and the sun was shining bright so I took the opportunity to do a bird count over on the farm,  plenty of different birds spotted in a four hour period, a large flock of pigeon (c500) and Carrion Crow (c200)  where devouring the seed in 3 of the freshly planted fields, I spotted 4 Buzzards circling above them I guess looking for a quick pigeon snack!

 A lot of the birds have now paired up and a fair few where either in courtship like this female Wren I captured postering for a mate or in the process of building nests.

Also captured what now seems like the obligatory Robin shot!

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…of essential photography equipment as landed, a Manfrotto x055 tripod, this should help with the wildlife photography especially the birds.

Manfrotto x055 tripod

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…a Goldfinch and a Hazel Catkin.

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…off today with the weatherman forcasting sun for Tadworth from noon and to my utter amazement the sun came out right on schedule! So normal procedure, camo gear on, camera checked and provisions packed and off I went.

The farmer was obviously happy the sun was shining too, he was out on the farm tilling the fields ready for planting in a few weeks. But the happiest of all where the Black Headed Gulls (c200) and Carrion Crow’s (c70) who eagerly followed the tractor feeding on the worms and insects churned up by the disc harrow.

Tilling on Langley Vale Farm 02-02-11

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