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Joined last week, middle age as definitely kicked in!!!

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New bird table…

…seems to be an instant success, built and erected over the weekend and seemed the place to be this morning, birds spotted feeding before I left for work (I watched for about 10 mins) Tits – Blue, Great, Coal and Long Tailed along with Robin (although the Blue Tits where giving him a real hard time!) Goldfinch, Nuthatch and Blackbird, not bad for the opening morning!

Heated birdbath next weekend.

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…Little Pond for the weekend but will depend on the weather which at the moment is showing sunny on the BBC Weather site, we’ll see!

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The cold, snow and icy weather really makes it hard for the birds to find food and water, it can be very helpful and we all can help with this by putting out wild bird seed feeders, fat balls and mealworms, these do cost so if you are unable to put these out you can use things that you find in the kitchen such as bacon rind, grated cheese, cooked pasta & rice or even uncooked porridge oats! Oils, butter and the like are not to be used as these stick the feathers together and can cause serious problems.

Water is another necessity so a shallow tray of water can really help. For further information check out link below.

Many thanks…


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…to see the father-in-law, shot this in the garden, not a lot else about!

Blue Tit - Bexhill 28/11/10

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…very frustrating to say the least. Left home at 5:30am (yes that’s right 5:30am!) arriving on site at 7:15am only to be faced with thick fog and dark over cloud, so the fact that I was confronted by a myraid of bird song and calls I actually couldn’t see anything! Couldn’t even recce the site for future visits so after a short walk to stretch the legs I got back into the car and carried on to Leicester to see my parents.

So no photo’s from this trip!!!

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Another HDR image…

Polesdon Lacey HDR'd

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